Contract & Legal Document Management

Contract & Legal Document Management

Prosares Contract & Legal Document Management (CLDM) streamlines your contract processes – Draft-to-Execution, and Execution-to-Closure; and helps manage all your legal documents and correspondences.

Draft-to-Execution module automates contract requests from user departments, standardises your contract clauses & wordings, automates your maker, checker, reviewer, approver workflows, enables feedback & inputs from concerned stakeholders and improves the overall process agility and consistency.

Execution-to-Closure module tracks all contract related deliverables, obligations, actions, expiries and renewals. It mitigates statutory and financial risks through timely reminders and Ascalations.

Legal Document Management Modules helps you manage all your legal matters, documents and correspondences; and track any actions arising out of these.

  • Focussed on Business Value & Risk Mitigation
  • Comprehensive Capability
  • Easy to use, administer & adapt
  • Readily integrates with other systems
  • Leverages your Office/ Office365 investment

Benefits & Advantages

  • Focus on Business Value & Risk Mitigation
  • Enhance Governance & Compliance
  • Ease of Use & Administration
  • Leverages your investment in Microsoft Office / Sharepoint
  • Secure
  • Scalable, High Performance Architecture


  • Contract Management
    • Legal Helpdesk for Business Users
    • Standardisation of Clauses, Wordings, Contracts
    • Request-to-Execute workflow
    • Digital Signature
    • Tracking of Deliverables, Obligations & Actions
    • Tracking of Expiries and Renewals
    • Dashboards, Reports, Audit Trail
    • Alerts, Reminders, Ascalations
    • Digitization, OCR & Legacy Migration
  • Legal Documents
    • Legal Matter Tracking & Management
    • Document & Correspondences
    • Configurable Structure
    • Automated Content Routing
    • Granular Access Control
    • Integration with Microsoft Outlook
    • Tracking of Matter & Document Actions
    • Tracking of Expertise and Renewals
    • Dashboards, Reports, Audit Trail
    • Alerts, Reminders, Escalations

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