ProDigi delivers tangible business benefits – employee effectiveness, productivity, engagement and retention. It’s high-usability design and context-intelligent algorithm ensures high user adaption with zero hand-holding and does not require users to learn the underlying O365 platform, especially SharePoint.

ProDigi Digital Workplace module aggregates your employees’ work (tasks, approvals, schedules, meetings, documents, conversations and updates) from multiple contexts (projects, teams, meetings, HRMS and other systems). Employees can perform their work from home, office, at site and on the move.

ProDigi Intranet module is high-engagement, employee-centric and intelligent. It effectively meets the needs of Corporate Communications & Human Resources through a rich set of capabilities and offers granular analytics and insights for constant improvisation.

ProDigi Document Management module takes away the complexities of the underlying SharePoint platform both for users and administrators through a simple, intelligent and aggregated experience. Behind the scenes, it has a configurable rules engine for document classification, routing, workflows, access management and tracking content lifecycle events.

ProDigi Knowledge Management combines the above DMS capabilities with mechanisms for surfacing tacit knowledge through subject matter networks and communities to help create a rich, dynamic, secure and growing knowledge ecosystem.

Credentials & Success Stories

How It Works – ProDigi Workplace

ProDigi Workplace

How It Works – ProDigi Intranet

ProDigi Knowledge Management

How It Works – ProDigi Document Management

ProDigi Document Management

How It Works – ProDigi Knowledge Management

ProDigi Knowledge Management

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