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Head – Business Development

We are gearing up for exponential growth by taking our differentiated offerings to markets globally.

The role requires hands-on expertise in B2B marketing, business development, sales and alliances.​

You will be responsible for planning and executing the company’s growth strategy through multi-pronged initiatives in domestic and international markets.

Relevant experience & credentials count. Energy, commitment & entrepreneurial attitude counts even more.​

Humans of Prosares meet the management team

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Business Consultant & Analyst

Business Analyst is a very critical and demanding role at Prosares.

The role requires you to own a project right from inception till delivery. You need to have excellent relationship and project management skills, and good knowledge of systems documentation and testing. Understanding of software development life cycle and technology platforms (especially Microsoft stack) would be an added advantage.​

Depending on your experience & credentials, you may apply for Analyst, Senior Analyst, Consultant or Principal consultant role.​

I love travelling, eating different cuisines, watching web series and art movies.

I play basketball and like to socialize with people. My journey with Prosares has been progressive and overwhelming with lots to give and take. I have made significant contributions to several large enterprise customers. Prosares has given me ample opportunity to grow and explore the world of IT solutions and services, including a recent 6 months onsite work with a prestegious account at Sharjah, UAE.

Bilal, Prosares Solutions Pvt Ltd

A Business Analyst by Profession who shares his passion as a Superbike enthusiast & Geek too.

I love to do solo rides on weekends which is one of my hobbies apart from dancing and watching superbike reviews & moto vlogs. Started my journey with Prosares as an Android developer; I have come a long way down as a Business Analyst. Though there were some hurdles (&ofcourse! There will be many ;-P); the bond has been for more than 4.5 years. Prosares has given me a lot of opportunities and an open field to extend my arms for the way I prefer to work. No limits. No boundaries. Keep giving your best and the team is ready to back you up! Keeping the ‘official’ profession aside; I also like to scratch my head more in Testing & logic brainstorming with the Dev Team (& trust me, it is Fun!!) which has many-a-times helped me in cracking complex requirements, Spot On!

Yogesh, Prosares Solutions Pvt Ltd

I love to follow latest technologies, especially gadgets. Drawing and Gaming is my another hobby.
I have been working with Prosares for more than 6 years.

I joined Prosares as a Software Developer. To be honest, I was a mediocre and having .Net technology experience in my kitty. Opportunities and Career Grooming are the main principles of this organization and possibly, that’s the main reason I could explore so many things, to start with SharePoint.
I was able to enhance my leadership qualities over the period thanks to the opportunity provided by my seniors. That confidence gave me the strength to pursue the Business Analyst profile. The techno-functional role acted as a catalyst and a kind of booster to achieve my current profile as Account Manager.

I always wondered about designing solutions, instead of just writing a code. With a Business Analyst Profile, I learned how to gather requirements, visualize system and to some extent, finding solutions. What I do like most about my work is, I am representing an Organization not only at domestic level but also at international level. At the same time, a responsibility to create and maintain business relationships with many stakeholders of heterogeneous domains and contribute in the growth of company.

Omi, Prosares Solutions Pvt Ltd

Do Not Lose Yourself Even If You Stand Alone.

I am passionate about macro photography and swimming. I love listening to bird sounds and identifying them. My hobbies include reading about creation of space and the universe, solving puzzles, writing and travelling solo. Above all, I am crazy for all animals and super crazy about dogs.

On the work front, throughout my 11 years of experience at Prosares, I have worked into HR field. It has been an amazing experience getting to know so many people in these years, see them grow from a fresher to an independent professional.Right from adding new people on the team to helping them settle down to planning fun activities to managing team’s income tax and many more; all fall in my bucket.

The greatest challenge I have ever faced is getting every team member together either for an activity or a task. And, I feel so blessed when that happens.Apart from my HR activities, I have also been marginally involved in creating user manuals.What an exciting road path this has been !!

Ashlesha, Prosares Solutions Pvt Ltd
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Developers and Team Leaders

There is never a dull day in the life of software developers at Prosares. We are about leading edge technology and coders and team leads walk that edge every single day. Our projects and solutions are based PaaS (especially Azure / Power Automate), Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Chatbots, Speechbots, RPA, Blockchain, SharePoint, .Net, Xamarin.

Your role requires you to have excellent software development and analytical skills, sound knowledge of programming concepts and coding standards. We look for individuals with keenness to learn new things and ability to self manage.

For Team leader role, you need to have requisite experience and demonstrable ability to manage work and people.​

I am a consistent and enthusiastic learner.

My hobbies and interests include listening to music, watching movies, playing badminton, sometimes reading.

With just 6 months of on-going experience, my journey with Prosares has been progressive with great amount of learning.Experiencing some new learning everyday is the best part of my role.

Amita, Prosares Solutions Pvt Ltd

My belief – The Only Person I need to get better than is who I am today as a Person and a Professional.

My hobbies and interests include Playing Cricket, Interacting with different people and learn about them.

With over a year and a half with Prosares, I have enjoyed growing with the organization by learning different technologies. My love for coding and learning new technologies is what excites me as a professional.

Aniruddha, Prosares Solutions Pvt Ltd

Hobbies include Singing and cooking. I am also a vivid nature lover.

For my love in coding, I got into development field and since then there is no looking back. A full-filled environment with immense opportunities to learn and grow, both, personally and at work is my experience at Prosares. With more than a year at Prosares, I have a career that allows me to enjoy my other passions in life.

Durga, Prosares Solutions Pvt Ltd

Quiet and calm but always interested to learn new things.

My interests include playing chess, web surfing and competitive PC gaming.
My journey of over 6 months at Prosares has been a great experience. Learning new things related to technology and identifying my core strengths is something I have desired.

A great team to work with, to guide and mentor me, and highlight my improvement areas is what I have always appreciated at work.

Mandar, Prosares Solutions Pvt Ltd

I love to do what makes me happy, playing Ludo to name a few.

Technically speaking, I have always admired coders and their style of working. This created a sense of reasoning as to how things work and the logic behind it. Coding gives me that reasoning. And my experience with Prosares, 1.6 years, fulfils that reasoning.

Simplifying my code is what challenges me and I am thankful to Prosares for giving me such challenges at work.

Mitesh, Prosares Solutions Pvt Ltd

I am an avid reader.My love for books right from comic to mystery has helped me build my own dictionary. I am a very creative person and this has been proven by my love for horror movies.

On the professional front, I am associated with Prosares for more than 4 years now. I have had every opportunity to work with people having technical expertise. This has helped me as well to grow technically.

Shital, Prosares Solutions Pvt Ltd

My belief is What Goes Around, Comes Around.

I have an interest in music and interacting with people.

I have recently started with Prosares, 6 months ago to be precise. Being my first company, I have a great learning time here. Coding, testing, solving errors is my part of the job. And, I love when my team jumps into this to help me with any technical difficulties. This helps me to be a more People’s Person.

Shobhana, Prosares Solutions Pvt Ltd

My Belief – work hard, smile more and enjoy life.

A nature lover by heart, I love to capture these moments in pictures. Making craft items is also one of my hobbies that I love to do for others.

I am associated with Prosares for 4.5 years. Enriched with professional growth and learning experience, I have always loved to follow the coding practices and tried to explore new frameworks and technologies at work. .Net, SharePoint are some of the technologies I have been working on.

Vrushali, Prosares Solutions Pvt Ltd

I love painting, singing, travelling, eating different cuisines, playing badminton. I love to capture moments in camera…“Photography for me is just not looking, it’s feeling”.

If you can’t feel what you’re looking at, then you’re never going to get others to feel anything when they look at your pictures.”


I Believe all our dreams can come true, if we have that courage to pursue them.

I love Coding and Designing, of course I love what I’m doing.

My journey with of 6 months with Prosares has been progressive. I am learning and exploring new things every day.

I also want to be a part of Prosares growth and I will.

Shalaka, Prosares Solutions Pvt Ltd

Do things which give you happiness is my belief.

My hobbies include reading, music and cooking. My interests include watching movies-horror and comedy.

I have been with Prosares since 5 years. During this time, I have made many friends, met people with interests in different fields, learnt many things related to my work and seen people help each other.

One of the welcoming part of my work is coding. It is something that I absolutely love; though it’s not very easy. But something that is challenging and exciting is not what everyone gets to do. And that’s what I get to do here.

Pravina, Prosares Solutions Pvt Ltd

Find your wings and FLY.

My hobbies and interests include : Reading , Travelling and Writing

I have been working with Prosares since 5.5 yrs. Completing 5 years in this organization with the best colleagues around to work which has helped me grow as a professional. I had joined Prosares as a developer and am currently working as a Team Lead, so my
journey throughout has been uphill mix of opportunities provided and grabbed undeterred.

Nirikshita, Prosares Solutions Pvt Ltd

My Belief – You can achieve all that you desire, be passionate and kindle your fire

Hey Peeps I am Preeti.
Being in Prosares has taught me how to take on any opportunities head on, to be agile and mould myself
into any kind of challenges and come out as a true winner!!

I have been working at Prosares for more than 7 years now and counting. I joined here as a Developer
and currently working as a Team Lead. I have expertise in Microsoft Technologies which includes –
SharePoint technologies, .Net etc.
We have really enthusiastic colleagues who up the ante of the working atmosphere. There’s never a dull
moment in Prosares.
In my spare time, I like to paint and also to travel and I also love playing badminton.

Preeti, Prosares Solutions Pvt Ltd
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Usability & User Experience Designers

We build great solutions which are great looking solutions too. We do Usability and UX design across the entire spectrums – Web portals, Extranets, Intranets, Web Applications, Mobile Applications, Bots, and the works.

Drop your CV here if you are a Usability practitioner with strong grounding of user-centered design principles, or a visualizer / designer with natural sense of aesthetics and eye for detail, or a front-end designer with great HTML and scripting skills.

My daily energy booster – Multi-tasking and meeting new people

My hobbies and interests include singing, reading, arts and photography. I love travelling as I strongly believe it helps to discover inner self and brings peace to the mind.

On the work front, I have been associated with Prosares for 5 years. My journey has been fantastic and uniquely blessed with wonderful and creative opportunities.

I have a passion for web designing. My work represents my inner artistic innovation in the form of design focused on crafting great web experiences. Keeping it simple and beautiful is a challenge and this is what excites me.

Amruta, Prosares Solutions Pvt Ltd

Work Hard and enjoy every single moment of my life is my motto.

Playing cricket and listening to music is my hobby.

In these 1.7 years with Prosares, I have had an opportunity to identify my likes and dislikes; and develop my soft skills and life skills.
Meeting new people at work and learning in a team has made me grow as an individual and team player.

Anuj Pandey, Prosares Solutions Pvt Ltd

I always have the curiosity to learn something new.

I love to play cricket, cricket and only cricket.

My journey with Prosares has been progressive with great amount of learning something new everyday is the best part of my role and that is what will make me a better professional in future.

Abhijeet, Prosares Solutions Pvt Ltd
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Network and Infrastructure Engineers

Our managed services team monitors and maintains network & infrastructure operations and security for our customers apart from our own in-house set up.

I never give up until I get something right.

I love cooking, Outing with friends, playing music and games.

I have been working with Prosares since 8 yrs.

My role with Prosares is infra and Network Analyst. I can say that Prosares is a good place to work and grow your talent. If an individual is hard working, talented and shows interest in different technology/role, Prosares always gives an opportunity to learn and work with different technology, due to which people from any role got encouraged to enhance their skills and develop their self.

Prosares Solutions Pvt Ltd

Live life to the fullest is my punch-line.

And, I fulfil this with my hobbies – Astronomy and Travelling. I also love to play cricket.

For over more than 4 years now with Prosares, my journey began as a System Administrator. Getting to learn about how computers function and what must be fixed where so that every person using a computer does not face an error is how I started off. Advancing from a System Admin to a SharePoint Admin has indeed been a learning time for me and that too not so easy. But my willingness to make this happen and my colleagues constant support has helped me to gain this.

Swapnil, Prosares Solutions Pvt Ltd
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Marketing and Business Development

Prosares is looking to grow its footprint in its established markets and in new markets.

If you have the energy, perseverence and hands-on experience of B2B marketing, especially in IT services and software space, hop right in. A degree in marketing management and/or exposure to international markets would be an added advantage.

I have been working with Prosares since January 2020 as an Enterprise Account Manager. It has been an amazing journey so far with Prosares having a warm and welcoming atmosphere withfull of opportunities to grow.

What I love about my work is meeting and communicating with new people thus motivating me to learn from their experience. My colleagues and seniors are also very supportive in this journey of learning and development.

Vinisha, Prosares Solutions Pvt Ltd

I am a Computer Engineer with MBA in marketing domain. My journey with Prosares Solutions Pvt. Ltd. had started while I was in my final year of MBA. Since then I have been a part of Prosares Sales and Marketing team as an Enterprise Account Manager.

The best thing in being a part of Prosares is that our good work is always recognized and appreciated. Having a supportive and encouraging surrounding is what every employee desires and that is what I got here and it’s a blessing for me. Every day in Prosares is a great source of learning as I get opportunities to reach out to different individuals within and outside the organization and grow with the experience.

 I am really grateful for the faith that Prosares has shown on me and given me an opportunity for becoming the face of the company.

Sayali, Prosares Solutions Pvt Ltd

While graduating from Mumbai University with a degree in Masters of Business Administration, my journey with Prosares Solutions has begun. I have joined Prosares Solutions as an Enterprise Account Manager in the Marketing and Business Development domain.

Prosares provides a very joyful and an energetic work environment with full of opportunities to grow. My views and my creative ideas have always been supported till execution. A supportive environment encourages us to come up with more innovative ideas and that is
the reason behind the success of Prosares Solutions. It has always been an amazing experience to be a part of this work family.

Viraj, Prosares Solutions Pvt Ltd
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