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Ensure your workforce safety and restart your workplace with confidence with the WSW application – Prosares Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Workforce Safety + Wellness (WS+W) improves confidence of your workforce and workplace administrators, especially in current context of Covid-19 pandemic. It reassures your employees and contract workforce that best practices are being followed to ensure workplace safety, and equips workplace administrators with actionable information to ensure safe operations.

Declarations and information provided by workforce is made available to administrators, helping them ensure optimal trade-off between business continuity and workplace safety. WS+W respects privacy of workforce by adhering to strict protocols while handling their personal information.

WS+W empowers your workforce with ability to report any risks at workplace, to request for any assistance in case of personal emergency, to seek logistical assistance while reaching the workplace, and to volunteer for helping the administrators.

WS+W provides workplace administrators the ability to communicate important updates, guidelines and advisories to all or relevant employees.

How It Works

Ensure safety and monitor employees health with real time contact tracing & provide required employee support– Prosares Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Identify and Isolate Risks

Digital contact Tracing –Prosares Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Provide Support to Workforce

Employee wellbeing, care and support – Prosares Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Plan and Manage Operations

Operation planning and Administrator Dashboard – Prosares Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Ensure Adequate Evidence of Compliance

health, safety and compliance – Prosares Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

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