LegaDox is a full-spectrum contracts and legal document lifecycle management system.

It takes away the pains of corporate legal teams and frees up your time for value-added activity. It unburdens you from the headache of managing renewals, expiries, contract obligations, deliverables and compliance actions. It keeps the concerned stakeholders on top of their contracts and documents through scheduled email reports, notifications and reminders. It also escalates in case of risk of these actions not being completed in time.

LegaDox helps you standardize wordings, clauses and templates for multiple entities and across multiple countries and geographies. It lets you define classification, workflow and access rules for various types of contracts and documents.

LegaDox portal and helpdesk lets you communicate with rest of the organization and manage all requests – not just contract requests – through a rugged ticketing system.

Credentials & Success Stories

How It Works..

  • Updates & Announcements

  • Policies, FAQs & Resources

  • Ticket-based Help desk

  • Multi-Entity

  • Multi-Geography

  • Clause Library

  • Pre-defined Templates

  • MS Word based drafting

  • MS Word based reviews

  • Workflow & Rules Engine

  • Secure, Role based Access

  • Easy to use & administer

  • Ease of search & retrieval

  • Intelligent & Unified

  • Version & Audit Trail

  • Renewal & Expiries

  • Obligations & Deliverables

  • Contractual Compliances

  • Dashboards

  • On-Demand Reports

  • Microsoft Office
  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Outlook

O365 based, Integrated with MS Word & Outlook

Integrates with Digital Signatures

  • Digital Signature

Integrates with your ERP, CRM, HRMS & Extranets

  • SAP
  • Sales Force

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