ProBot is Intelligent Automation delivered. It channelizes the power of emerging technology – Analytics, Robotic Process Automation, Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence – to deliver measurable business benefits.

ProBot starts with your business needs and objectives and puts together the right tools and techniques to deliver results – Chatbots, Speech Bots, Process orchestration, Robotic Process Automation, Advanced Analytics, Vision AI, Cognitive Capture, Deep Learning, etc.

ProBot is platform-agnostic. It can work with any cloud platform of your choice, such as Microsoft Azure, AWS, IBM Watson, Google.

The key differentiators of ProBot are:

  • ProBot keeps it simple. Instead of delivering the latest features, it just focuses on solving your problem in the most effective way.

  • It bridges the gaps to deliver a complete solution – As we know, these technologies and platforms are still work in progress, with their own capabilities and limitations. ProBot understands both sides of these technologies and platforms and builds the necessary bridges to deliver an unbroken, fully-functional solution.

  • It readily integrates with your existing systems and data sources in staging or live mode as per your preference and business need.

  • Constant improvement through a feedback loop enabled through a friendly training tool that identifies errors and exceptions and, with human support, rectifies these for future.

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